Квадратный деревянный браслет из дерева с Бали, металла и каучука Pavement

Квадратный деревянный браслет из дерева с БАЛИ, металла и каучука PAVEMENT ИСПАНСКИЙ дизайнерский бренд: Papiroga Ручная работа Описание: Recreates the landscape of the streets wherever you are. Pays tribute to the beauty of its mosaics, witnesses of our history and complicit in our footsteps. For the design of this 9.5 x 9.5 cm in diameter bracelet, we wanted to combine three materials: wood, metal and resin, we have worked out a custom solution to obtain a compact and original shape. Hand sized the wood into the desired shape, then applied a colour treated resin and set with a thin piece of metal on the edge of the wood to provide a smooth feeling when in contact with the skin.