Оригинальное колье ручной работы Lagos

Оригинальное колье ручной работы Lagos от испанского дизайнера


Бренд: Apres ski

Ручная работа


Описание: Lagos is one of the necklaces for Apres Ski new collection "Our Garden Needs Its Flowers". This is inspired by Memphis Milano, a movement of architecture and industrial design in the 80, Art Deco and Africanism are also influences, all mixed with the subtlety of color and geometric shapes typical from Apres Ski. Lagos stands out for the inclusion of blue glass cylinders, which are vintage pieces. They are combined in two strips of thin gold chain with solid golden brass parts and wood craft pieces such as hand-glazed with soft pastel colors of shapes rectangular, cylindrical or square. In this design, the mix of colors highlights a contrast set. 27 cm